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2020 - 2021 "Forever Young Lawyers" Emeritus

Who said you’re only young once?!!!
Smith County Young Lawyers Association invites all SCBA members to become a “Forever Young Lawyer”. For a $10 annual fee, you can become a SCYLA member emeritus and join us at all of our happy hours and events. Please consider going “forever young” when you renew your dues. You can also call the SCBA at 903-526-2700 to join along with these youngsters below:


Amy Blalock

Benjamin Bonner

Deron Dacus

Shannon Dacus

Christina Davis

Daryl Derryberry

Hon. Diane DeVasto

Alicia Dowdy

Hon. Sam Griffith

Debby Gunter

Hon. Judith Guthrie

Monique Hammond

Ken Hawk, II

Stuart Hene

Hon. Brian Hoyle

Stephen Hubbard

Jim Huggler

Alan Jackson

Traci Kenner

Hon. Cynthia Kent

Collin Maloney

Tom McClain

Mitchell McCrea

Matthew Milam

Bobby Mims

Hon. Nicole Mitchell

Andy Navarro

Greg Neeley

Daniel Noteware, Jr.

Trevor Rose

Matt Rowan

Randi Russell

Hon. Kerry Russell

Brian Schmalbach

Ron Schoenbrun

Kristen Senkyr

Beau Sinclair

Micah John Tarry

John Walker, III

Nicholette Wilkerson

Trey Yarbrough